WordPress Course (adults)

We are currently working on providing a WordPress course for adults, with one for young people coming soon.

There will be a small charge for this, as we currently do not have any funding. However, we will not be charging a large amount for this, as it will be to cover our costs to run the course.

As we make a start on this, it will only be available to those who can come along with a laptop, as we do not currently have the equipment to do it any other way, although as we move on, we hope to receive funding, which will enable us to purchase some equipment.

It will not just be us standing at the front of a class and telling you how to do each thing in WordPress. It will also include discussions on various aspects of WordPress, web design, e-commerce, membership websites, SEO (search engine optimisation) which is getting Google to list you in a high position to be found, etc.

Our Experience

Our tutor for this course, Joe Dugdale, has been online since 1992, and a web designer since 1997. He has been using WordPress since 2008, and as soon as he started to use WordPress, he stopped creating websites in any other way, creating websites this way ever since.



Are you interested? Please fill in this form, and we will let you know when we have further details.