How to Make a Film (without a budget)


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Do you want to make a film? What’s stopping you then?

Many people want to make a film, but instead of doing so, they come up with a variety of reasons why they can’t do so.

I don’t know how to do it

I don’t have the right equipment

I can’t afford it

You can stop with these excuses now, as we will show you what you need to do, let you know about the equipment you need (at the very least, you probably already have it), and who needs a budget?

If you want to join us on this course, we are not going to ask you about your experience in filmmaking, as it does not matter if you are new to filmmaking.

We will be covering various aspects of filmmaking, but concentrating on the basics with this course, providing you with the information you will need to make a film with no budget but, if you do have a budget, you can still use this information.

As with all our courses, this is not about sitting down, and having somebody lecture you from the front. This is more about discussing what it is that you are wanting to make, and bringing this into the course.