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Many people say that you cannot learn to write well, or at least, you cannot learn to write creatively. Well, put simply, this is absolute rubbish.

Everybody can learn to write well, it just takes practise like everything else. As long as you know the fundamentals of writing, you can do it.

On our creative writing courses, we look at a variety of ways in which you can release your creativity and, giving them all a go, you can find just what it is that you want to continue doing, or you could just do them all.

If you want to join us on these courses, we are not going to ask you about your experience in writing, or anything else for that matter, as it does not matter whether you are new to writing, or if you have been writing for a number of years. These courses are available to all.

We cover different types of writing depending upon your age, but this is only because we want to spend a little more time on some areas for younger writers. If there is a call for additional courses, we are happy to provide these. You can find what is provided for each group by clicking on the tab.

As well as going through all of these areas, we will also be stopping to have general discussions on the area that we are looking at, at that time. As we go through this course. it will not be the same as attending school or college, it will be a general discussion which, we believe, is a much better way to learn and for those who have trouble with just receiving facts, this will help.