Bridgwater Magazine has been running since August 2018, and it has always been our mission to provide the latest news from around Bridgwater, no matter how small it may seem to some. This is now changing to articles that will be of interest to those living and working in Bridgwater.

We also include events that are taking place in and around Bridgwater, no matter how big or small they may be.

Our aim is to have more articles being written by those living and working in the town, making it even more of a community news source.

As of August 1st, Bridgwater magazine is moving over to the bridgwater TV website, to be a part of that.

While appearing, at first glance, similar to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime TV, we will be streaming films and documentaries made locally, by local people. The films may or may not have a connection to the town, but this is a place where these films and documentaries can be shared.

As well as the local programming, we will also be streaming indie films from around the world, with permission from the filmmakers.

As a part of Bridgwater TV, Wyvern Film has been set up to create our own original content to be shown.

This will include documentaries, but also films and TV shows, with work already underway on our first film, The Paranormal, which will be followed up with a series.

We will be using local people as much as possible.

We have a town with a rich history and many things happening throughout the year.

The aim of this website is to collect all of the history in one place, as well as letting people know what is happening in the town now, including a directory of independent Bridgwater businesses.

With The Bridgwater Podcast, our aim is to bring together everything that is happening in the town and let people know about them, as well as discussing what is being talked about in the town.

We will have guests on the show, discussing what they do in Bridgwater.