Free Training for Adults

We are currently working on training for adults.

This is not about sitting in a classroom and being taught, but more a discussion with everybody in attendance and us being there to keep things controlled and sharing our experience.

There are two areas in which we will be providing training, and these do cross-over a little:

  • Filmmaking
    • Coming up with ideas
    • Writing a screenplay
    • Storyboarding
    • Finding a cast & crew
    • Making your film
    • Editing your film
    • How do film festivals work?
  • Writing
    • Creative Writing
    • Short stories
    • Writing a novel
    • Writing a screenplay
    • Making it public
    • Marketing your work

We will be adding additional training as we find what people are looking for.

All of our training is free, with just a voluntary donation. We are doing this because we do not want anybody to miss out on this just because they cannot afford it, especially at this time.

As we move forward, we will start to organise networking events.

Our Experience

We have been working in film since 2004, including running film festivals and making our own films since 2006.

Although we have been writing ourselves our entire lives, we have been working with authors, including Amazon & USA Today best-selling authors, since 2012, providing them with a variety of services, including editing, cover design, marketing and promotional videos.



Are you interested? Please fill in this form, and we will let you know when we have some dates organised.